Eyes on the Real Prize

You can hustle after the official prize — more money, more things, more status, more bling. Or you can keep your eyes on the real prize and reap the benefits.

Read for Deep Understanding

There’s no point in reading the wisdom of the ancient philosophers if you’re just going to casually skim it. Personal growth requires you to read for deep understanding.

The Money Illusion

If you become very rich, it doesn’t solve all your problems. It doesn’t give you free reign to break the rules or avoid consequences. It’s an illusion.

Review Each Day

Setting goals is important, but it’s just as important to review each day after it happens.

Your Morning Ritual

If you don’t have a morning ritual yet, now’s the time to develop one. It provides stability and consistency, and a chance to examine yourself every day to ensure you’re staying on the path you’ve chosen.

Hit the Restart Button

Sometimes, if you lose track of your goals, or lose focus or discipline, it can feel like you’ve gone off the rails. No need to start from scratch, just hit the restart button!

You Always Have a Choice

Whether you find yourself in a great situation and on top of the world, or whether you’re in a low and ugly place — you always have your freedom of choice. Use it!

Seek Out the Beauty

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell whatever flower you’re in front of. Make time for these small moments and find joy in your ability to seek out the beauty of nature.

Just Put In Work

You’ve come to the right place. And you’ve read the right things, and you’ve found what appears to be the truth. Now it’s time to simply put in the work.

Challenge Your Habits

How are you making decisions? Chances are, you’re using old habits and fear-based thinking. It’s time to change that, and challenge your habits!


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