Month: July 2021

Your Job Is Not Everything

Your career should not be the only focus of your life. Maybe it shouldn’t even be the main focus. You’re bigger than that.

Be Patient With the Disadvantaged

React not with scorn to people who aren’t as far along in their spiritual and mental growth, or who lack the tools of self-control. Show them grace and patience instead.

Nothing Else Is Ever Enough

Money, love, success. These things bring fleeting happiness, but in the end they’re never enough. There’s only one thing that brings lasting fulfillment.

Failure to Act

It’s not enough to avoid evil. We need to consciously and intentionally choose to do good.

No News Is Good News

Just don’t watch it, don’t read it. Unless you can do something to help, there’s really no point, and it does more harm to your soul.


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