Month: December 2021

Not Just a Number

Age isn’t just a number; it should be a summation of all the things you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown as a person. Will you have something to show for it, when you’ve reached your final day?

Don’t Fear the Reaper

What’s worse than death? The fear of death. It’s pointless and unhealthy. Use your practice and all your study of philosophy to instead let go of this fear, and focus your energy elsewhere.

How Brief Your Existence Is

While your life and the problems you face might seem big and important to you, in the grand scheme of things they are impossibly small. Your existence and your time on Earth are very short!

Death, the Great Equalizer

Whether you’re rich or poor in this life, whether you’re beautiful or ugly, powerful or not — in the end we are all made equal in death.

Why You Should Be Confident

Why should you be confident? Everything can be taken away from you by time or misfortune. So… why, again? Because you have reasoned choice, and nothing can take that away.

The Measure of Perfection

It’s not really possible to be perfect, of course. But we can aspire toward that ideal, and along the way live our life to its fullest and richest, in truth and determination.

Soon You Will Die

It’s not always our favorite topic to think about, but it’s true — you’re going to die sooner than you think. Will you have reached the point that you desire in your soul, before the end comes?

The Luck of the Draw

You can’t control the genetics you were given at birth, which determine your body shape and weight. So why should you be upset at the lifespan you’ve been given? Both are simply the luck of the draw.

The Rhythm of History

In the echoing halls of history, we can see the past, but we can also see the future — because the rhythm of history continues on forever.


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