Month: September 2022

Keep the Beat

When life throws you off your rhythm, you have to find your way back as quickly as possible. Keeping the beat will help you get back on track.

The Fight of Your Life

People often talk about the dance of life. Problem is, life isn’t like a dance โ€” it’s more like a knock-down drag-out fight, and you better be prepared.

Bravery In the Face of Pain

Remember that pain isn’t forever and it can’t take more than you can give. Be brave knowing that you still have your rational mind to guide you.

Don’t Hate the Haters

Some people are going to dislike you. Nothing you can do about that. Don’t return hate for hate โ€” be bigger than that and do the right thing instead.

Patience, Young Grasshopper

Your Stoic practice will take time to grow and develop, so thereโ€™s no need to talk loudly about it. Your personal growth will be evident in your actions rather than your words.

Pray Different

We all pray in some manner, whether we’re religious or not. But we generally ask for specific outcomes, rather than the wisdom and character to handle anything that comes our way.

Stay Down to Earth

Nobody likes an arrogant person. So don’t be one. Don’t give others a reason to knock you back to Earth โ€” just stay there in the first place.


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