Month: October 2022

Born to Be Good

Nevermind the curdled ‘wisdom’ you’ve been fed — humans are not naturally bad, we’re naturally good. And so are you.

Self-Work Belongs in Primetime

All those things that seem so important, and which get first priority in your day? They’re not nearly as important as the study of philosophy and the self-work it enables.

More Powerful Than Gravity

There’s a force in the universe that is more powerful than even gravity. You are more likely to see something fall up, than see this force denied.

The Three-Pronged Approach

Philosophy consists of three parts, all in the service of one goal. Do you know what these three parts are, and how they work together?

How to Live

What can set you free from hindrances in life? What can save you from trying to figure it all out as you go? It is the knowledge of how to live.

Good Things Come From Within

Stop looking for good things to happen to you, and start looking for good things where they actually are. There’s a fountain of goodness inside you!


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