Month: December 2022

Stop Wandering About!

So here we are, on the last day of December, watching the final embers of this year burn out. It’s time to toss aside the old, and get ready for the new. What have you gained this year?

De-Fang Your Bad Luck

There’s one way to rob bad luck of its bite, and that’s to greet it with a calm mind when it happens. Panic and overreaction make it worse; calmness helps you withstand the misfortune with ease.

Gratitude Pays Itself Back

Being regularly thankful for the things in your life is its own reward. The benefit of being grateful comes back to you manyfold. It pays itself back.

Everything is Only for a Day

Our lives might feel long, but in the grand scheme of things, our moment in the sun is only for a day, just like everything else. And we’ll be remembered for only a day, too.

Don’t Let Your Soul Give Up

How tragic is it when the soul gives up before the body does? Don’t let that happen — make sure your body is the first to fail, and keep your spirit strong.

Life Isn’t Actually Short

Life is short, right? Wrong. Life is only short because you waste it on unimportant things. There is plenty of time in life. It’s only short if we make it so.

Take a Break!

All this stoicism stuff is hard work. You can’t keep pushing yourself mentally forever without rest — you need to take a break. Today seems like a good day.

The Finer Things in Life

It’s not wrong to enjoy the finer things in life, but keep them in perspective; enjoying a good wine does not make you a better person, for you are only the taster and the experiencer, not the fine thing itself.

Are You Even Alive?

So many of us are afraid of dying. But the question is: are you even alive in the first place? Can you call what you do on a daily basis truly “living”?

Put It Into Your Own Words

It’s too easy to rely on the quotes of famous philosophers and great thinkers of the past. Want a real challenge? Put what you’ve learned into your own words, and generate some wisdom of your own.


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