inner strength

Ready When Adversity Knocks

Don’t hope to avoid bad luck. Trouble will come, whether you like it or not. Instead, aim to be ready when adversity knocks on your door.

Is Your Soul a Tyrant?

Is your soul a philosopher king, guiding on the paths which are good and true? Or is it a tyrant, leading from base desire and obsession?

Courage to Abstain

Joking that you’re addicted to coffee or addicted to your phone is too easy. Know what takes real courage? Abstaining from these things — because it’s harder to do.

Amor Fati — the Love of Fate

What if you could love what has already happened, even if you actually wanted something else to happen — and love what will happen in the future too, even if you would prefer something else? What if you could ‘love fate’? Wouldn’t that be easier?

Good Things Come From Within

Stop looking for good things to happen to you, and start looking for good things where they actually are. There’s a fountain of goodness inside you!

Good Fortune Illuminates Character, Too

Good luck and prosperity don’t just automatically bring happiness. If your soul is mired in fear, then they only bring more fear. Aim for a stronger soul first, rather than good fortune.


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