You Define Your Good Fortune

“You say, good fortune used to meet you at every corner. But the fortunate person is the one who gives themselves a good fortune. And good fortunes are a well-tuned soul, good impulses and good actions.”


You can’t capture good luck. You can’t grab it and put it in a bottle, any more than you can with lightning.

That’s because ‘luck’ in that sense represents factors and forces that are completely beyond your control. Luck comes from events that aren’t in your ability to pre-determine. So you’ll never be able to always have good luck.

But you can create your own ‘good fortune’, because that is something you define. And when you work on strengthening your soul, you are improving the conditions where good fortune can occur. You are increasing the likelihood that you’ll recognize it when it happens, and know what to do with it.

When you practice always doing what’s right and good for you, and what you know to be correct and truthful actions, then you are setting yourself up for good fortune to find you. Your soul will be strong and prepared — and depending on how you define it, you even say that you’ve already made your own good fortune.

And then you won’t need luck.

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