Lack of Effort

“Think of those who, not by fault of inconsistency but by lack of effort, are too unstable to live as they wish, but only live as they have begun.”


Imagine going through life and never improving it — or yourself — at all. Imagine wishing for and hoping for a better life, but not being willing to take the action necessary to achieve it. Simply not taking the first step, ever.

The person who lived like this, the life they desired would always be just out of reach. They would “only live as they have begun”. They would not be a better person on their deathbed than the version who first entered this world. And all because of a lack of effort — because they just refused to try.

How sad is that? They would not realize their full potential on this Earth. They wouldn’t even realize their heart’s full potential for love and joy, nor their mind’s full ability to learn and grow. They would have just barely tasted the best fruits of the spirit. They would have just barely glimpsed the treasures of life.

What a shameful existence. I’m not going to be like that. I’m going to get active in my own rescue, take control of my own situation, and work to improve my situation on this planet. So that when I breathe my last, I can say that I’ve truly lived, to the best of my ability. And that I could never be accused of showing a lack of effort.

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