The Beginning

Everyone says you should start at the beginning. So here we are.

Why I started this site

When the pandemic first hit in 2020, things looked pretty grim. Very grim indeed. It felt like the world was ending, or at least turning upside down. Hope? Well that was hard to come by. Like many people, I was drawn to the wisdom of the ancient Greek stoic philosophers, as a source of grounded resilience and calm, rational thought in a time of seeming chaos. In particular, the book “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday stood out to me. I encourage you to read about why I like the Daily Stoic book so much and why I’ve found it helpful in weathering the uncertain seas we find ourselves in.

In 2021, I started journaling my response to each day’s entry, and before long I started to wonder if other people might actually enjoy reading how I felt about Holiday’s interpretation of each day’s stoic quote. And what my gut reaction to each bit of wisdom was, and even how I’ve found it applies to my daily life. “Maybe I should share it on a website!”, I thought. I have no idea if anyone will actually find any of this helpful, but I hope they/you do!

Psychonautic revelations and random epiphanies

For a long time, I’ve also wanted an outlet to share what I’ve learned when journeying to the furthest reaches of the psyche via hypnosis, meditation, or psychedelics. You can learn some pretty astounding things if you just listen to your mind. Even sitting by the riverside and learning from the water is pretty amazing; again, if you just listen.

So you’ll find a sprinkling of these types of posts too, and I hope that you find them enlightening or at least entertaining and interesting. It’s my pleasure to share what I’ve learned with you, and I hope that you’ll share some of your thoughts too.


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