A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action

“When the problem arose for us whether habit or theory was better for getting virtue — if by theory is meant what teaches us correct conduct, and by habit we mean being accustomed to act according to this theory — Musonius thought habit to be more effective.”

MUSONIUS RUFUS, LECTURES, 5.17.31-32, 5.19.1-2

The theme of today’s entry in The Daily Stoic is very straightforward: less theory, and more practical application, please. Discussing and debating the right behavior is great and all, but actually taking that and turning it into action is of much more value.

There’s no time for splitting hairs and talking the concept to death. “Life moves pretty fast”, as the accidental sage Ferris Bueller once said. Life is right now. It’s right in front of you.

Situations and decisions come fast and furious in the real world, one immediately after another. They don’t wait for you to apply theory, they just keep coming. It’s time to put those theories to the test, immediately, and start living your ideas. Learning on the job, by taking direct action, is worth more than all the theories put together.

Talk is cheap — learn by doing!

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