The Luck of the Draw

“You aren’t bothered, are you, because you weigh a certain amount and not twice as much? So why get worked up that you’ve been given a certain lifespan and not more? Just as you are satisfied with your normal weight, so you should be with the time you’ve been given.”


Some people are born with genetics that make them heavier, while others have slimmer bodies. Some folks are destined to grow very tall, while some will remain shorter. But that’s often the luck of the draw — it’s outside of your control, and simply the hand you were dealt.

The same is true of your time on this Earth. You’ve been given a certain amount of years, months, and days, and there’s nothing you can do to extend it. Your lifespan is your lifespan. No amount of miracle vitality potion or secret skin cream will give you the fountain of youth. You’re not going to live forever, no matter how badly you might (think) you want it!

What really matters, as author Ryan Holiday points out in today’s entry of The Daily Stoic, is what you do with the time you have. How you live your life is infinitely more important than how long it is. So accept the luck of the draw, pretend that every moment from today onward is ‘bonus life’ — and then make the most of it!

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