Month: March 2024

You Are What You Think

Fill your mind with negative thoughts, and you’ll soon find yourself a negative person. Fill yourself with positive ideas, and well… the sky’s the limit.

Impress Yourself

Why do we try so hard to impress silly people with fancy clothes, expensive possessions, and outrageous behavior? Why not try to impress yourself instead?

Know the Real Worth of Things

Sometimes we pay more (in time or money) for things that aren’t worth it. Other times, we don’t pay enough. The key is knowing the difference.

What Rules Your Reason?

Who watches the watchmen? If reason is your most powerful ability — what are the forces that influence it, and how can you learn about them?

Freedom Is Free, Actually

As it turns out, freedom is actually free. Because it comes from the inside and is bestowed at birth, not granted to you by an external force.

Don’t Forget to Live

Studying philosophy is all well and great, but eventually you need to get out there and live your life. That’s how you’ll test to see if you’ve absorbed anything you’ve learned or not.

Greed Makes You Sick

Fight against greed with everything you have — it will straitjacket your soul and distort your judgment.


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