Month: February 2024

Greedy Monkeys Get Nothing

(Bonus Feb 29th post!) If you try to have everything like a greedy monkey, you might end up with nothing at all. Curb your desire instead.

Let It Go

When someone does you wrong, what is striking back going to do for you? You’ll regret your reaction, and feel terrible. Better to let it go instead.

Smoke and Dust

Focusing on anger as a driving force toward success ends up just being an illusion — so much smoke and dust trying to be legendary.

Harm is Subjective

When you’ve been wronged, is it the act which harms you — or is it your reaction that causes the harm? What if you chose to let it go instead?

Better Left Unsaid

Not everything is worth saying out loud — even if everyone is demanding that you say it. Sometimes it’s best to stay silent.

Desire Itself is the Problem

Desire for good and virtuous things is still desire. And it’s still a problem, because it subjugates us and makes us vulnerable to things we can’t control.


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