Month: January 2024

Philosophy Is Medicine

View the study of philosophy not as something that you have to do, but something that you want to do because it will keep you healthy. Philosophy is medicine for the soul if you take it every day.

It’s Okay to Be Clueless

You don’t have to know everything that’s happening in the world. You might actually be doing yourself a favor if you remained clueless about all the scandals and crises in the news.

Mastery Over a Few Things

Do you want to be excellent at a few things, or ‘kind of okay’ at many things? Trying to digest all the information coming at you means that you’ll simply get distracted and master nothing. Focus on mastering only a few things, instead.

Emulate the Wise

Who are the wise people in your life? Who are the wise people you admire? Observe their behavior and their values, and emulate them in your own life.

Three Areas of Training

Improving your outlook in life requires conscious and deliberate effort, and it takes time to train your mind! Focus on these three areas to achieve maximum effect.

Erase the False Impressions

You have the natural power to eliminate false impressions from your mind — to remove evil and desire when they arise in you. Use it!

Eyes on the Real Prize

You can hustle after the official prize — more money, more things, more status, more bling. Or you can keep your eyes on the real prize and reap the benefits.

Read for Deep Understanding

There’s no point in reading the wisdom of the ancient philosophers if you’re just going to casually skim it. Personal growth requires you to read for deep understanding.

The Money Illusion

If you become very rich, it doesn’t solve all your problems. It doesn’t give you free reign to break the rules or avoid consequences. It’s an illusion.

Review Each Day

Setting goals is important, but it’s just as important to review each day after it happens.


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