Live Like a Dying Person

“Let each thing you would do, say or intend be like that of a dying person.”


The wisdom in today’s quote is that we should live like a dying person. Pretend that you’ve got only a short time left to live, and then modify your behavior accordingly. Take this next breath as if it were your last, and then take bold action.

In truth, points out the author of The Daily Stoic in today’s entry, you do only have a short time left to live. “You already have a terminal diagnosis,” says Ryan Holiday. He’s right — that terminal diagnosis is called life!

We have a finite amount of days left on Earth that have been allotted to us. Every day that goes by, that’s one less day until the reaper comes calling. Every step we take is one step closer to the grave. So, what will be written on your gravestone?

And there’s really only one thing we can do about all this. We can admit the truth to ourselves, and start living like a dying person. Not in sadness and remorse. Not full of fear and regret. But instead full of joy and determination for the time-limited gift we’ve been given!

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